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Our Practice

When you need help… Ask for it.

The Faith in the Family Counseling is a private practice counseling center serving Ruston, Louisiana, and the community. The counseling services of Faith in the Family Counseling are here to help you when you or your family needs it.


What help or services are offered?

Faith in the Family Counseling is a professional counseling center that provides the entire spectrum of counseling services. It provides individual, marriage, family, premarital, parenting, and many more services for all issues.

Group counseling services are available to you, a family member, or friend.

Training’s on stress, anxiety, and time management are also available upon request for professionals and businesses.


Who directs or does the counseling?

Brandon Ramsey, LPC, is our Director of Counseling at Faith in the Family Counseling Center. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor registered with the Louisiana Board of Examiners.  He also holds licensure in multiple other states. He has many 20 years of experience working with families, individuals, and adolescents. He has served as the Director of Counseling for Green Oaks Juvenile Detention Center and developed a family counseling center at that location also.


What are the fees and how do I get info on an appointment time?

Counseling services are on a fee basis. We take insurance and private pay.  Our fee is below the local average because Brandon believes counseling help should be as affordable as possible.  Private pay is 95$ for an hour long session with Brandon personally.  Insurance does not pay for marriage counseling, so that would have to be private pay.  For an available appointment, create an account  by clicking the Book Now icon at the top of the page.


Latest Clinic News:


Hello everyone,


206 East Reynolds Drive

Suite C1

Ruston, LA 71270

We at Faith in the Family Counseling Center wanted to inform you that as of January 1, 2024, we are no longer located in or contracted with First Baptist Ruston.  We appreciate the past 16 years of service, but they will now be served differently.  Church members of FBC will no longer be discounted. 


Thank you,

Brandon Ramsey

Our Counselors
Brandon Ramsey, LPC


Brandon holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Louisiana Tech. After completing that degree, he and his wife of 14 years, Marcie, moved to Roanoke, VA, where he served as the high school counselor for a private day school for emotionally disturbed adolescents. After he moved back to Ruston, he completed his masters degree in counseling from Louisiana Tech. He has served as the Director of Counseling for Green Oaks Juvenile Detention Center and held a private practice for the past many years. Brandon was responsible for direction of First Ruston Enrichment Center and the counseling ministry of First Baptist Ruston for 16 years. Brandon is registered with the Louisiana Board of Examiners as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. Brandon has three children, Braden, Taylor, and Kendall which are his pride and joy.

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